CSS Breakpoints vs. React Media Queries: Which Is Better for Responsive Web Design

A few years ago, Internet marketers, SEO specialists, and designers started talking about a whole list of advantages of responsive design. Today, responsive design is a prerequisite for the promotion of any web resource. Check CSS breakpoints vs. react media queries to choose which is better for responsive web design in the article below.

Responsive website design: what are the benefits, and why is it important?

With the growth of smartphone users, the share of mobile traffic is also growing rapidly. A turning point already occurred in 2016: the global number of mobile device users exceeded the number of personal computer users. What does this trend mean? If, in the mid-2000s, it was important for a business to have its own web resource, then by the end of the 2010s, it would be impossible to imagine a successful business without an existing adaptive version of the site.

Responsive web design is the design of web resource pages that provides the same display of all resource elements on devices with different sizes, types, and display resolutions. If a web resource has an adaptive design, it can be viewed equally comfortably on a wide variety of gadgets, regardless of the size of their displays – phones, PCs, tablets, netbooks, etc. At the same time, this comfort will be noticeable on absolutely all devices, and, for example, on a smartphone, you won’t have to scale any area of the screen to see the button, etc.

CSS breakpoints vs. react media queries: what is the main difference?

The early developers of the site didn’t have to worry much about designing websites because users would be viewing them on computers, and the screen resolution was fixed on those computers. With the mobile revolution, more and more people are searching on their mobile devices – tablets or mobile phones – for information. Therefore, it has become necessary for website developers to create a website that caters to everything from Windows PCs and mobile devices. Check the difference between CSS breakpoints and react media queries and decide which one is best for you and your organization due to the following reasons:

  • Have you noticed how ugly some websites look on today’s large monitors? The first association associated with media queries is the creation of an interface only for smartphones. The combination of a media query and multi-column will help display your site beautifully on large monitors.
  • The display of web pages is adjusted depending on the screen width in pixels. It is filled in such a way that the text is easy to read, the image is fully visible, and navigation is simple. At the same time, visitors will be able to use all the functionality of the web resource.
  • CSS breakpoints design layout is an important element for running a successful online business. Such a layout should be used when launching any web project, regardless of its subject or type.
  • All elements in react media queries are smoothly drawn, and the content moves freely on the screen depending on its size, keeping its original style.

Both CSS breakpoints and react media query problems are part of a much larger problem – the problem of context content. The mobile context has potential limitations: bandwidth, screen size, and processor power. Regardless of the device the user has, developers should send him only what will actually be used.